Together, we’re spurring action and building on Seattle’s strong history of welcoming and fostering innovative mobility

A Legacy of Innovation

With major shifts in options and expectations for getting around—and much more change on the way—we’re building on this legacy by tackling one of the greatest challenges facing cities today: How can we ensure that the new wave of mobility innovations benefits the people in our city?

That question is what drove us to create the New Mobility Playbook, and it’s what will motivate us to continue the hard work of envisioning and creating a transportation system that works for us all—in Seattle and beyond.


At Seattle Department of Transportation, we value:

  • A safe city
  • An interconnected city
  • A vibrant city
  • An affordable city
  • An innovative city

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About the Team

To develop the New Mobility Playbook, we brought together a team of experts and innovators from across Seattle and around the country. We thank everyone involved for their time, creativity, and vision.

SDOT Project Team

  • Evan Corey, Project Lead
  • Andrew Glass Hastings, Division Director, Transit and Mobility
  • Tracy Krawczyk, Division Director, Policy and Planning
  • Benjamin de la Peña, Deputy Director for Policy, Planning, Mobility and Right of Way
  • Mayumi Thompson, Communications
  • Mafara Hobson, Communications Director
  • Scott Kubly, Director of Transportation, City of Seattle

City of Seattle Interdepartmental Team

  • Mark Bandy, SDOT Transportation Operations Division
  • Chris Bast, Office of Sustainability and Environment (Drive Clean Seattle)
  • Naomi Doerner, SDOT Transit and Mobility Division
  • Adiam Emery, SDOT Transportation Operations Division
  • Mike Etsey, SDOT Transit and Mobility Division
  • Jonathan Lewis, SDOT Policy and Planning Division
  • Candida Lorenzana, SDOT Transit and Mobility Division
  • Michael Mattmiller, Seattle IT
  • Susan McLain, Office of Planning and Community Development
  • Kevin O’Neill, SDOT Street Use Division
  • Kyle Rowe, SDOT Transit and Mobility Division
  • Kevin Shively, Office of Policy and Innovation
  • Ben Smith, SDOT Transit and Mobility Division
  • Mary Catherine Snyder, SDOT Transit and Mobility Division
  • Cristina Van Valkenburgh, SDOT Transit and Mobility Division
  • Darby Watson, SDOT Project Development Division

Interagency Project Team

  • Sean Bouffiou, King County Records and Licensing Services
  •  Carol Cooper, King County Metro
  • Kara Main-Hester, Seattle Department of Finance and Administrative Services
  • Jean Paul Velez, King County Metro

Consultant Support

  • Ellen Gottschling, Sam Schwartz Engineering
  • Joe Iacobucci, Sam Schwartz Engineering
  • Leslie Carlson, Mike Westling, Heidi Nielsen, and Erin Halasz, Brink Communications
  • Gabe Klein, CityFi
  • John Tolva, CityFi
  • Susan Shaheen, UC Berkeley Transportation Sustainability Research Center
  • Adam Cohen, UC Berkeley Transportation Sustainability Research Center
  • Matt Daus, Windels Marx Lane & Mittendorf, LLP

Expert Reviewers

  • Stonly Baptiste, Urban.Us
  • Rob Benner, Transportation for America
  • Russell Brooks, Transportation for America
  • Corinne Kisner, NACTO
  • Greg Lindsay, New Cities Foundation
  • Mollie Pellon, NACTO
  • Katja Schechtner, OECD/MIT Media Lab
  • Gabe Klein, CityFi