Seattle's Playbook

The future of transportation is shared, active, self-driving, electric, data-driven — and brimming with possibility.

Shaping Our Future Cities

These days, mobility is constantly changing and evolving, with countless new startups and services entering the market each year. During this era of rapid change, we have created a strong and responsive strategy—the New Mobility Playbook—to ensure innovation contributes to a safe, sustainable, and just city. At the Playbook’s core are five “plays” to shape our approach to new technologies and spur inventive and effective solutions. We invite you to explore the plays and the strategies inspired them—the First Moves we’re already working to implement, and the longer-term strategies slated for the next five years.

As you read the plays and strategies, we invite you to add your voice and share your ideas so you can contribute to the future of transportation.

Play 1

Ensure new mobility delivers a fair and just transportation system for all

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Play 2

Enable safer, more active, and people­-first uses of the public right of way

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Play 3

Reorganize and retool SDOT to manage innovation and data

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Play 4

Build new information and data infrastructure so new services can “plug­-and­-play”

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Play 5

Anticipate, adapt to, and leverage innovative and disruptive transportation technologies

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