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Reorganize and retool SDOT to manage innovation and data

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If We Shape the Future

The city becomes a proving ground for innovation, improving transportation options for residents. Our data infrastructure allows us to manage the transportation system in real-time, providing anticipatory responses and strengthening protections against emerging threats.

If We Leave the Future to Chance

Lack of capacity and knowledge leads the city government to over-regulate in some areas, and is preempted from critical regulatory and auditing functions in other areas. City government stifles innovation or is susceptible to unintended consequences.

Our Plan

We will advance innovative, data-driven policies, services, technologies, and projects that create an abundant mobility marketplace with options for all. The Seattle Department of Transportation will be a 21st Century DOT, accommodating changing consumer expectations and leveraging disruption in the mobility industry to meet our desired outcomes. We will engage in a two-way dialogue about new mobility. We will also be transparent as we test and learn about new ideas, daylighting our successes and lessons learned. We will pivot to new funding mechanisms as our gas tax and parking revenue sources deplete over time. This will require data-driven, anticipatory governance and a fresh perspective on organizational structures, staff skills, procurement rules, and partnerships. We will:

Strategy 3.1

Manage risk related to emerging mobility services

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Strategy 3.2

Foster a culture of innovation and proficiency in new mobility solutions

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Strategy 3.3

Understand the mobility needs of the community

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Strategy 3.4

Continuously update citizens about mobility innovations

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Strategy 3.5

Pursue nimble regulations that meet the public good while spurring innovation

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Strategy 3.6

Establish new transportation funding mechanisms in response to the changing financing landscape

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Strategy 3.7

Build strategic mobility partnerships with King County Metro, Sound Transit, and other public and private entities

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Strategy 3.8

Attract mobility companies, services, and jobs to Seattle’s burgeoning mobility industry cluster

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Strategy 3.9

Encourage travel behavior that ensures people can move safely and efficiently

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