Play 4

Build new information and data infrastructure so new services can “plug­-and­-play”

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If We Shape the Future

We create clear rules for testing new technology, piloting new services and prototyping in the city. The results of prototypes are clearly evaluated against the city’s values and goals. Successful prototypes can scale rapidly. Services that don’t work can “fail gracefully.” Transportation data is open and interoperable. Finding your way around the city without your own car is easy. Seattleites can purchase transportation services when they need them.

If We Leave the Future to Chance

Disconnected systems and lack of interoperability creates new transportation silos. Data asymmetries leave users in the dark and allow private mobility players to game the system.

Transportation technologies are vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Our Plan

Our streets flow with a rich stream of data generated by traffic sensors, on-vehicle sensors, and mobile data from ride-hailing, car share, and other services. This flow of data could give us more insights into emerging travel patterns and the effects of new mobility services on the way people use transportation. But the flow of data is currently unstructured and our community has concerns about privacy.

We will advance solutions that protect publicly identifiable information, while expanding our data infrastructure. We will relay travel information in culturally sensitive and appropriate ways.

Approaching data not just as information, but also as infrastructure, will help us build better platform for delivering Mobility as a Service: generating abundant shared mobility options, digital mobility marketplaces, seamless fare payment solutions, incentives and subsidies, and access to real-time mobility data.

This data infrastructure will also help us develop clear rules so startups can roll out their prototypes and pilot services in Seattle. We will:

Strategy 4.1

Access relevant data to ensure the public good is served

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Strategy 4.2

Facilitate trusted data flows between connected vehicles, sensor infrastructure, personal devices, and community digital devices

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Strategy 4.3

Develop analytical tools that model the evolving state of mobility

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Strategy 4.4

Establish an open marketplace for Mobility as a Service

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Strategy 4.5

Simplify and enhance the fare payment experience

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Strategy 4.6

Unlock new opportunities for trip planning

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