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Simplify and enhance the fare payment experience
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Fare payment systems that are intuitive and function across various shared mobility modes could be an important determinant of reducing drive alone trips in the future. The Puget Sound’s One Regional Card for All (ORCA) fare card system is nearing its end of life, providing a unique opportunity for account-based and multimodal fare payments in Seattle. While SDOT is not currently an ORCA Joint Board member, we seek to streamline the fare payment experience when using shared mobility services using your preferred form of fare payment (e.g., tap card, mobile payment, cash, etc.). Ultimately, a customer should be able to seamlessly pay for a trip using a Next Generation ORCA account through the Mobility as a Service platform.

Further Actions
  • Collaborate with the current ORCA technology contractor to integrate the current fare card with other shared mobility services and parking management systems
  • Consider joining the ORCA Joint Board to provide more direct policy influence
  • Work with the ORCA Joint Board to ensure the Next Gen ORCA is designed as an open architecture platform and seamlessly integrates multimodal fares
  • Explore options to introduce special fares targeted for shared mobility trips that feed public transit
  • Integrate the Next Generation ORCA e-purse into Mobility as a Service platforms