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Unlock new opportunities for trip planning
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While our residents enjoy a high rate of access to personal digital devices (roughly 85%), not all Seattleites are willing or able to purchase a smart phone, tablet, or personal computer. As Seattle’s menu of transportation options are increasingly more reliant on digital, app-based technology, we need to ensure that all Seattleites can enjoy the benefits of these new mobility services.

We will provide multiple avenues for Seattle residents and visitors to access real-time mobility information and plan trips. Whether your mobile device is out of battery or you do not have access to a phone, we will offer the same customer service as someone with the latest smart phone technology. We will work with the private sector to “smartscape” our public spaces with digital displays and interactive kiosks accessible to all in the community. These digital engagement features will connect people to trip planning tools as well other community applications and information sources. We will also expand access to digital devices in retail shops, community centers and other public institutions.

First Moves
  • Democratize and test technology in the public right of way such as interactive digital kiosks and other information interfaces
Further Actions
  • Provide community accessible tablets for people to access trip planning services, Mobility as a Service, and other community services
  • Work with regional transit partners to develop a concierge-trip planning and booking service
  • Ensure MaaS platforms are available to all by integrating into community digital kiosks and tablets displays