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Anticipate, adapt to, and leverage innovative and disruptive transportation technologies

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If We Shape the Future

Seattle leads in transportation thinking and practice. New mobility accelerates a virtuous cycle that makes the city safer, more affordable, more livable, more vibrant. Technology adapts to the city and what we want it to be. Quiet, zero emission vehicles that run on clean energy dramatically reduce climate and noise impacts.

If We Leave the Future to Chance

The transportation system is unable to adapt to or leverage innovations when the city gets locked into dead-end technologies, much like how governments got locked into Blackberry phones for years even while iPhone and Android were becoming ubiquitous.

Our Plan

In Seattle, we have a long tradition of testing new technology, including the roll out of our mobile parking payment app and pay stations. By establishing a policy framework that anticipates new, potentially disruptive technologies, we will harness new mobility to meet our broader community goals. Our vision for automated mobility focuses on shared transportation, connected movement, and clean vehicle technology. We will pursue these technologies to complement our robust investments in transit. We will manage the negative impacts of single-occupant and zero occupant vehicles. We will also advance innovations in electric mobility and other clean fuels. We will take action to ensure that, by 2030, at least 30 percent of all light duty vehicles registered in Seattle are electric. And, we will collaborate with other cities, experts, and global leaders to exchange successful policy and technological innovations. We will:

Strategy 5.1

Establish a comprehensive set of people-first policy parameters to introduce and manage fully shared, electric, connected, and automated vehicles

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Strategy 5.2

Use pilots and promotions, to manage the technological and cultural shift to automated technology

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Strategy 5.3

Promote the shift toward electric shared mobility services

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Strategy 5.4

Support King County Metro in their effort to achieve a zero-emissions fleet by 2034

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