Rapid change, great opportunity

The future of transportation is here— and it’s brimming with possibility. If we work together, new technologies could advance safety, justice and sustainability in Seattle. If we don’t stand up for these values, our future could hold congested roads, unsafe streets and expensive, exclusive services.

Our New Mobility Playbook offers a set of strategies for shaping the future of transportation in a way that puts people first.

We’re partnering with civic innovators, social justice leaders, and technology companies to inform our approach and deliver new services. Join us in leading the way.

Principles for new mobility

We envision a city by and for the diverse, dynamic people who call Seattle and the region home. As we work to integrate new mobility options into the city we love, our core principles will guide us:

  • Put people and safety first
  • Design for customer dignity and happiness
  • Advance race and social justice
  • Forge a clean mobility future
  • Keep an even playing field

The five plays

With a shifting landscape, we need a responsive, resilient strategy to ensure new mobility puts people first. These five plays will guide our efforts to transform urban transportation so it works for us all:

  • Play 1:

    Ensure new mobility delivers a fair and just transportation system for all
  • Play 2:

    Enable safer, more active, and people­-first uses of the public right of way
  • Play 3:

    Reorganize and retool SDOT to manage innovation and data
  • Play 4:

    Build new information and data infrastructure so new services can “plug­-and­-play”
  • Play 5:

    Anticipate, adapt to, and leverage innovative and disruptive transportation technologies
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