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The Different Levels Of Thinking About No Limit Hold Em

The Different Levels Of Thinking About No Limit Hold Em

In poker, players can think on a few different levels. Generally the more advanced a player is the higher a level he is thinking on. You should be thinking on at least three levels whenever you play no limit hold em. The levels are:

  1. What do you have? This is the simplest level; you merely look at your hand and the board and figure out how strong your hand is.
  2. What does your opponent have? This is a bit more complicated as you have to try to pin them down to as narrow a range of holdings as you can.
  3. What does your opponent think that you think that he has? Here you are trying to figure out his level 3 thought process. Of course if you opponent doesn’t think that deep it will be less important but still not unimportant because though he may not pay that much mind consciously he is definitely doing so subconsciously. His subconscious thought may manifest itself in his play so it can still be helpful to be aware of it even though you would give it less weight than you would against a player who can think on that level consciously.
  4. What does your opponent think that you think that he has? Here you are trying to figure out his level 4 thought process. You can’t do this directly to a level but you can against a player who can think on that level consciously. Their level 4 thought process is when they are playing at a level of thinking beyond the normal. They are thinking beyond normal when they make certain decisions. They are thinking too much for their own good. Their game will tend to be a combination of a lot of things, such as being too anxious, too fear, and too greed. Their decision making will tend to be automatic and no thought will be given to any consequence of their hand. They will also be playing with too much confidence as if they are certain of winning the hand. And lastly they will be playing with a lot of self confidence as if they are certain of beating you.

As you can imagine the levels could theoretically go on forever, but you have to start somewhere. If you are a beginner you should start off by thinking about how strong your hand is and not being so confident of it. Over the years you will develop your own technique for thinking on these levels. It takes time and practice, but it is well worth it. If you think about the poker game from the level of a naive beginner you will gain extra insight to thinking on these levels by becoming a bit patient and not going in all guns ablaze. Take your time and slowly you can develop a strategy you are comfortable with. When you are becoming more accustomed to the style of thinking about your hand you can also become a bit more curious about what your opponents are thinking about their hands. Being curious about what others are thinking about their hands is the number one most important foundation when developing your thought process for no limit dewagg on the fly.

When you are thinking about the hand you are not sure if you have a lock on it, but you have a decent chance of having it. When you are thinking about your opponent’s hand without being too sure of it, you have a best chance of being right.

How to Increase Your Odds of Winning the Lotto Jackpot

How to Increase Your Odds of Winning the Lotto Jackpot

Everyone dreams of becoming a lottery winner. We all think of ways we could achieve that big win, like purchasing a new car, viewing a vacation, or purchasing a house. Finding ways to increase your odds at winning the lotto jackpot is a noble quest.

In the quest to increase your odds of winning the lotto jackpot, you must direct your energy to the right place. You cannot rely on common sense or happenings just around the corner. Sense is your friend in this quest.

One of the most incredible tips we can offer you is – observe the winning numbers in your local lotto game, and focus on them. By doing so, you will get a direct formula to follow, which in the event you’ll win the lotto, could make you from a common person into a millionaire. You have to get so focused on those numbers that you forget about the thousand things going on in the universe.

Maybe you have a lucky number, or you might have a “lucky charm”. Keep ignoring it, and you will win the lotto soon enough.

Use a code to play the lottery

All you have to do is choose a special character for your lotto number, like the heart, diamonds, spade, or mouse. By using this character, you’ll immediately increase your odds of winning the lotto.

Then again, if you’ll notice that the last few winning numbers were a combination of numbers that were used in the past along with the numbers that are being drawn now, then you might want to reconsider your numbers and try combining them into a number combination that was not so prominent in the first place.

Try getting lotto tickets that have varying combinations. In that way, you’re more likely to have a winning ticket, and more importantly, a number of tickets.

Ride a hot streak

Hot streaks and cold streaks happen to everyone. Just like in any aspect of life, there are highs and lows that correlate with each other. Lottery enthusiasts often see a pattern of low numbers in certain games, or a jackpot that never seems to cash out. When you spot such a scenario, take note of it so that you’ll know to stay with your number and maybe place a number combination on the bet slip that will likely end up paying out.

Remember that lotto is not always about winning, but rather about keeping on winning. Keep track of your accumulated numbers and you’ll eventually figure out a way to win that jackpot or at least increase your chances to win.

People all over the world seek to find the most effective methods on how to vanquish the lottery dilemma. The lottery faithful would gain a lot by Dewalive. Then again, many among us would surely gain a lot more by studying the available materials and getting our hands on one of the best lotto systems out there. It’s runs a real risk, though, finding one of those systems that come highly recommended by the thousands of others in the World Wide Web. It’s amazing just to touch one of those systems. Hundreds of Web sites offer Super Lotto only as a download, but most result in poor quality software, poorly explained and dismal quality graphics. This is in stark contrast to the thousands of bucks you could spend on software for most of these systems, but the lowest quality usually offers it for free.

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